Kidz Are Fun uses developmentally appropriate curriculum and programs that help our children explore, grow and learn.

Our Five Star Pre-school utilizes the curricula:

  • High Reach Learning for our infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers; and
  • Open the World of Learning for our North Carolina Pre-Kindergartners.

Our early childhood program uses self-selected and planned activities to promote a child’s development and enhance their learning experience physically; emotionally; socially; and intellectually. They learn to: Play Cooperatively; Share; Listen to Others; Identify Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Sounds; Enjoy Reading; Express Ideas; and Resolve Issues in a Positive Way.

Our Free Pre-K (NC Pre Kindergarten) is a voluntary pre-kindergarten program designed to prepare high risk four-year-olds in North Carolina for success in school. High quality child care centers partner to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum and structured environment for students.

Our Five Star School Age program promotes fun, relaxation and enrichment whether providing a break from the school day or a summer escape.  We create an interactive environment of weekly planned, child-directed activities allowing children to navigate centers for: homework assistance; science and the environment; arts and crafts; games and group play; books; field trips; and summer events and activities.  Our children are fully engaged developing lifelong friendships from our year-round programs

Our curricula, programs and experienced, credentialed teachers combine to set Kidz Are Fun apart helping children develop through each of the stages of childhood.